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We don't blog every day or even after every shoot, but rather to highlight some of the shoots we have done. Delve into it to see weddings, portraits and business/editorial photography that we've done over the years.


Katherine | Shawnee Mission NorthWest Senior

Who: Katherine  What: Senior Portraits    When: October 22    Where: The Nelson    Photographer: Doug

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Sebus Family | Portraits

Who: Sebus Family  What: Family Portraits    When: October 1    Where: The Nelson    Photographer: Doug

Sebus-0100Sebus-0100 Sebus-0033Sebus-0033 Sebus-0843Sebus-0843

Jaclyn & Ben | Wedding

Who: Jaclyn & Ben   What: Wedding Day    When: September 16    Where: Country Club Christian & The Madrid    

Photographers: Doug & Rachel

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Daniel | Pembroke Senior

Who: Daniel | Pembroke Senior    What: Senior portrait    When: September 24    Where: Crossroads    Photographer: Doug

Stark-204Stark-204 Stark-467Stark-467 Stark-256Stark-256 Stark-397Stark-397

Haley | Pembroke Senior

Who: Haley | Pembroke Senior    What: Senior portrait    When: September 3    Where: The Nelson    Photographer: Doug

harvey-0103bwharvey-0103bw harvey-0163bwharvey-0163bw harvey-0364bwharvey-0364bw harvey-0401bwharvey-0401bw harvey-0447harvey-0447 harvey-0449bwharvey-0449bw harvey-0544bwharvey-0544bw harvey-0561harvey-0561 harvey-0624bwharvey-0624bw harvey-0740bwharvey-0740bw

Haley Senior Portrait Preview

Who: Haley    What: Senior portrait    When: September 3    Where: The Nelson    Photographer: Doug


I'm cheating a bit with this preview of Haley's images. I want to get final images to her as soon as possible, but I still have a lot of work to do on them. I'll post a real blog when everything is done, to show my most favorite images. But for now, here they are in Lightroom, ready to be exported into Photoshop. IMG_5857IMG_5857

Mehta family | The Nelson

Who: Mehta Family    What: Family portrait    When: September 4    Where: The Nelson    Photographer: Doug

mehta-107mehta-107 mehta-179mehta-179 mehta-316mehta-316

Skye | Pembroke Senior

Who: Skye    What: Senior portrait    When: September 2    Where: His House    Photographer: Doug

cozad-043cozad-043 cozad-146bwcozad-146bw


Matthew | Pembroke Senior

Who: Matthew    What: Senior portrait    When: August 2    Where: The Nelson    Photographer: Doug

berkley-001bwberkley-001bw berkley-207berkley-207 berkley-239berkley-239 berkley-267bwberkley-267bw berkley-272berkley-272

Katie & Kyle | July 8, 2017

Who: Katie + Kyle   What: Wedding Day   When: July 8, 2017   Where: Visitation Catholic Church   Photographer: Doug

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