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We don't blog every day or even after every shoot, but rather to highlight some of the shoots we have done. Delve into it to see weddings, portraits and business/editorial photography that we've done over the years.


Collins Family Portrait

What: Family Portrait    When: March 4    Where: at home in Lawrence

Collins-041Collins-041 Collins-131Collins-131 Collins-213bwCollins-213bw Collins-378Collins-378 Collins-639Collins-639

Sallee Family | a February Session

What: Family Portrait    When: February 25    Where: Their House

I thought I'd show some finished product samples this time -- these are framing options I mocked up in our popular Kdog frame.

02-5%22 Quad02-5%22 Quad 05-8%22 Standard05-8%22 Standard 06-11%22 Wall06-11%22 Wall 22x22 Kdog no mat22x22 Kdog no mat

Nicholas | Bishop Miege Senior

What: Senior Portrait    When: February 25    Where: Antioch Park

Schlader-014bwSchlader-014bw Schlader-028Schlader-028 Schlader-042Schlader-042 Schlader-102bwSchlader-102bw Schlader-120Schlader-120

Ellie | Free February Session

What: Portraits of Ellie    When: February 24    Where: The Links

Grimwood-177bwGrimwood-177bw Grimwood-206bwGrimwood-206bw Grimwood-385bwGrimwood-385bw Grimwood-464Grimwood-464 Grimwood-536bwGrimwood-536bw


Bennewitz Family | Free February Portrait Session

What: Bennewitz Family Portrait    When: February 19    Where: their home

Bennewitz-095Bennewitz-095 Bennewitz-112Bennewitz-112 Bennewitz-142Bennewitz-142 Bennewitz-170Bennewitz-170 Bennewitz-215Bennewitz-215 Bennewitz-452Bennewitz-452 Bennewitz-645Bennewitz-645

McConnell Family | a February Session

Who: The McConnell Family  What: Family Portrait    When: February 18    Where: their home

McConnell-042McConnell-042 McConnell-056McConnell-056 McConnell-094McConnell-094 McConnell-115McConnell-115 McConnell-127McConnell-127

Kastel Family | Free February Session

Who: Kastel Family  What: Family Portrait    When: February 17    Where: their home

Kastel-052Kastel-052 Kastel-155bwKastel-155bw Kastel-255Kastel-255 Kastel-372bwKastel-372bw

Schuessler Family | Free February Portrait Session

Who: Schuessler Family  What: Family Portrait    When: February 17    Where: their home

  Schussler-048Schussler-048 Schussler-231bwSchussler-231bw Schussler-458Schussler-458


Young Family | Free February Session

Who: Young Family  What: Family Portrait    When: February 15    Where: Shawnee Indian Mission Young-012bwYoung-012bw Young-057bwYoung-057bw Young-108Young-108 Young-150Young-150 Young-188Young-188

Hess Family | Free February Session

Who: Hess Family  What: Family Portrait    When: February 11    Where: the house    Photographer: Doug

Hess-100Hess-100 Hess-210Hess-210 Hess-299Hess-299 Hess-391Hess-391 Hess-422Hess-422