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We don't blog every day or even after every shoot, but rather to highlight some of the shoots we have done. Delve into it to see weddings, portraits and business/editorial photography that we've done over the years.


My sister | Debby

Who: Debby    When: July 3    Where: The backyard of her house in Atlanta

2018SummerTrip-0594 blog2018SummerTrip-0594 blog

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer several weeks ago and went straight into chemotherapy. Her prognosis is good, which is awesome and lucky. When I told her that I was doing a summer portrait project, she said she'd pose for me. We got a lot of great images, but this one sticks out as one of my favorites.

My sister is a scientist and can tell me what the chemo is doing to her body in great detail. She likes to understand the science behind her treatment. My sister is also religious and her faith is helping her get through the hard parts of treatment. I'm impressed and amazed by her strength. I think that's why I like this photo so much. I feel like it embodies her determination to fight and win.

Reagan | Baby Session + Siblings

What: Baby shoot (and more!)    When: June 8    Where: at the house

Wiens-006Wiens-006 Wiens-300bwWiens-300bw Wiens-378Wiens-378 Wiens-453bwWiens-453bw Wiens-523Wiens-523 Wiens-615Wiens-615 Wiens-735bwWiens-735bw Wiens-0786Wiens-0786 Wiens-0871bwWiens-0871bw Wiens-0943bwWiens-0943bw

Personal Project | Jami (sneak peek)

Here are a few photos from my shoot with Jamie a few days ago. Jamie answered my plea on Facebook for models -- she's one of the moms from my youngest's school that I know. I'll post more from this shoot later.

Barreto-147x--smallBarreto-147x--small Barreto-242x-smallBarreto-242x-small Barreto-285x-smallBarreto-285x-small

Personal Project | Jessica & Jaime

When I thought up this project, I had only thought of photographing individuals, and probably only women, at that. I didn't think I could achieve the "mood" that i was looking to capture in my photos with more than one person. Then Jessica & Jaime came along... and I had an opportunity to photograph a couple with this project in mind. Honestly, it was hard to pull myself out of the "engagement session" mentality, but we had a lot of fun and I think I still achieved some of what I was looking for.

JJproject-022JJproject-022 JJproject-033JJproject-033 JJproject-069JJproject-069 JJproject-106JJproject-106 JJproject-215JJproject-215 JJproject-304JJproject-304 JJproject-418JJproject-418 JJproject-439-2JJproject-439-2

Jacob | Shawnee Mission East Senior

What: Senior Portrait    When: June 20    Where: at the house

Tilton-0195Tilton-0195 Tilton-0239Tilton-0239 Tilton-0283Tilton-0283 Tilton-0308Tilton-0308 Tilton-0409Tilton-0409 Tilton-0419Tilton-0419 Tilton-0646Tilton-0646 Tilton-0681bwTilton-0681bw

Personal Project | Kennedy

My friends often ask what I'm shooting for fun, and my automatic reply is always, "What's that?" 

I always have fun taking photos – I'd stop running my own business if it wasn't fun. But there's a difference between having fun during sessions and shooting for yourself. With my Kdog shoots, I'm always concerned with what my clients want. With personal work, I can be selfish and try things even if they don't give me what I'm looking for.

Personal work also takes time – and that's usually in short supply. But this summer I decided to do a series of personal shoots. Kennedy kicks off this project. She is always a willing subject, and a great model. We shot one evening a couple of weeks ago, and came away with some great stuff.

*I'm always looking for people willing to let me photograph them. If you're between 18 & 58, and you think you might want to help me with the project, email me at kdogphoto@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook or Instagram. You don't need to be a model - just a willing subject.*

2018Kennedy-00762018Kennedy-0076 2018Kennedy-01372018Kennedy-0137 2018Kennedy-01702018Kennedy-0170 2018Kennedy-02372018Kennedy-0237 2018Kennedy-02992018Kennedy-0299 2018Kennedy-03292018Kennedy-0329 2018Kennedy-03542018Kennedy-0354 2018Kennedy-05282018Kennedy-0528 2018Kennedy-05382018Kennedy-0538

Collins Family Portrait

What: Family Portrait    When: March 4    Where: at home in Lawrence

Collins-041Collins-041 Collins-131Collins-131 Collins-213bwCollins-213bw Collins-378Collins-378 Collins-639Collins-639

Sallee Family | a February Session

What: Family Portrait    When: February 25    Where: Their House

I thought I'd show some finished product samples this time -- these are framing options I mocked up in our popular Kdog frame.

02-5%22 Quad02-5%22 Quad 05-8%22 Standard05-8%22 Standard 06-11%22 Wall06-11%22 Wall 22x22 Kdog no mat22x22 Kdog no mat

Nicholas | Bishop Miege Senior

What: Senior Portrait    When: February 25    Where: Antioch Park

Schlader-014bwSchlader-014bw Schlader-028Schlader-028 Schlader-042Schlader-042 Schlader-102bwSchlader-102bw Schlader-120Schlader-120

Ellie | Free February Session

What: Portraits of Ellie    When: February 24    Where: The Links

Grimwood-177bwGrimwood-177bw Grimwood-206bwGrimwood-206bw Grimwood-385bwGrimwood-385bw Grimwood-464Grimwood-464 Grimwood-536bwGrimwood-536bw


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